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Enjoy the Little Things in Life

November 2019 Council Message
As Thanksgiving approaches, I like to take stock of all the things that I’m thankful for.

It’s easy to say family and friends. Those are blessings that we sometimes take for granted. But how about the little things in life? Like a smile you get from the person who hands you your cup of coffee in the morning. Or relishing the crisp air on an autumn day. It may be a simple stroll in the park marveling at God’s abounding nature. Or maybe the joy of helping an older neighbor with a chore. There are many little things to be thankful for.

When I think about helping older neighbors, I often wonder just how many Knights have taken advantage of help that they might need as they age. Some won’t be able to manage the simple activities of daily living. They will need assistance and with our rapidly mobile society they may not have a relative nearby to help. That’s where our Knights of Columbus Long Term Care Insurance plan can help.

A long-term care policy helps cover the costs when a policyholder has a chronic medical condition, a physical disability, or a disorder such as Alzheimer’s Disease. You can receive care in your home, or in a nursing home, in an assisted living facility, or at an adult day care center.
Long term care insurance helps protect all those assets you’ve worked so hard for over the years: Your house, IRAs, savings, and investments. They could all be wiped out with even a short stay in a nursing home. The website, https://longtermcare.acl.gov/costs-how-to-pay/costs-of-care.html, says that home health care costs about $22 per hour, assisted living facilities about $4,245 per month and an average nursing home around $85,000 per year. More expensive areas of the country like the Chicago area run more than that. Without long term care insurance many families face a serious financial crisis.

Most people aren’t eager to talk about long term care; but it’s important to have a plan. Many people want to wait until they are in their 60s or 70s before they start to consider it. But at younger ages one is more likely to qualify. And the price is less expensive when you are younger.

I can help design a plan to fit your needs and your budget so that you can have the peace of mind that you will be able to get the care you need: When you need it and where you want it.

Let’s talk and see how you can protect your assets.

Vivat Jesus!

Bob Strahanoski
Field Agent