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October 2019 Council Meeting Message

October 2019 Council Meeting Message
A field agent who has been doing this great work for even a short time has personal stories of the disorder that a family goes through when there is a sudden loss. If our goal is to protect Catholic families from the near devastation that our Venerable Founder faced, then I must tell stories of how I can help my brother Knights. Making sure you have adequate protection for your family is not painful. We are Brother Knights serving Brother Knights. This is a time of not only helping to protect all that is important to your family, but also a shared experience that often leads to an abiding friendship.

Years ago, there was a young boy named Julius. When Julius was 7 years old his mother, Irene, died of cancer at the age of 37. His father, Norman, had two teenage girls along with the 7-year-old boy to raise. Norman was forced to rely on the help and generosity of friends and relatives because Irene died without life insurance. He had a three-hour commute to his job, but always supported his children’s activities. Julius excelled at sports, especially football. Norman spent what little free time he had fostering Julius and his talent. Julius later admitted that he “was handed a life lesson early, growing up with one parent. It wasn’t the easiest life—my dad sacrificed a lot.”

Fast forward to Julius some 30 years later. He is married with a wife and two children. He’s done quite well for himself both professionally and financially. He has had a distinguished career. He also has a considerable amount of life insurance to protect his family. Julius understands protection quite well after the early life he experienced. He understands the hardships of a family that loses a parent and what the children must go through. He also enjoyed considerable success in his professional life because of the people that looked out for him. For 13 years he was protected: Protected by 300-pound offensive linemen. And nobody called him Julius. His nickname was “Boomer.” You remember Boomer Esiason: Four-time Pro Bowler, NFL Most Valuable Player and a Walter Peyton NFL Man of the Year. Most importantly, he is a husband to Cheryl and a father to Sydney and Gunnar.

“Life happens at the most unexpected of times, and life insurance is about protecting the future and the people you love,” Boomer says. “Remember, if something happens and you haven’t done the planning, the people you leave behind will feel the brunt of your mistakes.”

That story comes from the website LifeHappens.org.

I have another completely different story. It’s about a member of the Knights of Columbus. He died recently and left behind a wife and several young children. But there were no whispered worries at the wake. There was no GoFundMe page to raise money for the funeral and burial. There was no concern that the children would not go to college or talk that the wedding he dreamed of for his daughter would not take place. His family’s home and their future are secure. Who was that Brother Knight? I don’t know! Because you don’t hear about those men. His council didn’t have to host a spaghetti dinner or pass the hat. But I assure you he was out there somewhere. But you’ll never hear about it. Because he planned.

Let’s sit down and do some planning for your family. Vivat Jesus!

Bob Strahanoski
Field Agent