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The Catholic Difference

July 2019 Council Message

The Catholic Difference.

Our Catholicity as an organization forms all that we do. Our Order was founded on the principles of Charity, Unity and Fraternity. As a Catholic business the Knights of Columbus also has core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence and Respect. In all our dealings we try to embody those values.

Funds from insurance premiums and annuity deposits are managed by our investment department, Knights of Columbus Asset Advisors. They manage that money (now amounting to more than $24 billion) using sound investment strategies in full compliance with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ socially responsible investment guidelines. We will not invest in companies that engage in abortions, producing abortifacient drugs, embryonic stem cell research, human cloning or pornography. Our Asset Advisors prove that a business can operate on these principles and still produce a healthy profit. That’s the Catholic Difference!

Last year our charitable contributions of more than $185 million went to a wide variety of organizations. Many were Catholic, but some were not. We give money to support worthy causes not because they are Catholic but because we are Catholic. That’s what our faith calls us to do. Sirach 40:17 tells us that acts of kindness and charity last for an eternity. We are supporting victims of genocide in Syria and other places in the Middle East. We have placed more than 1000 ultrasound machines in all 50 states and saved over 1 million lives. We financially and spiritually support seminarians, disaster victims, Special Olympians and many others. All this is from the profits of our insurance program and investments as well as the contributions of members. That’s the Catholic Difference!

Our products are designed with our members’ needs in mind. For example, I’m not aware of any other company that offers a Spousal Waiver of Premium benefit (and there is no additional charge for that.) We have never raised our Long-Term Care Insurance premiums, something very few, if any, insurance companies can say. We offer Disability Income Insurance to blue collar workers as well as white and grey collar workers. We recognize that it’s not just the affluent that need that coverage. We still meet with brother knights and their families in their homes if they prefer. We make sure that a Brother Knight can protect his children with life insurance that has a guaranteed purchase option. Our fixed-rate annuity has a minimum guarantee for life which means that a member will always make money on his money. That’s the Catholic Difference!

If you’d like to find out more let me know. I’d appreciate the chance to meet with you.

Vivat Jesus!
Bob Strahanoski
Field Agent